The silver mine


/!\ Reservations are strongly advised /!\

A big advantage of the Fournel place is to be accessible, since 1992, for guided tours. Thanks to landscaping projects, outside and inside of the mines, the visitor circuit evolved, and since 2015 the tourists number reached 10 000 visitors per year. To this day, more than 150 000 people visited the Fournel mines.
In terms of attractivity, it is an important mining touristic place, at the national scale. It has been well studied, thanks to archeological and historical works.

The tour begins at the Mines’ Museum (movie and exhibition). Then go to the Fournel gorges by vehicle (10mn). Out of season visitors use their own vehicle or possibly a provided shuttle (with reservation, for groups, schools..)
During the peak season (July and August) there is a shuttle bus to avoid circulation and parking problems in the gorges.
To reach the ruins located at the Fournel gorges’ bottom, people have to take a mountain path with 80m drop, which has to be taken to the top after the underground tour. The tour is unadvised for people with poor health or who have difficulties to walk. Helmets are provided before the underground part. Pannels explain the surface of the underground digging and the surface buildings.

The underground loop is 600m long and goes through two exploitation levels.

The Rebaisse gallery was the main level of the 19th century’s mine : there we can discover research galleries dug with explosives, exploitation rooms where ore veins could be 4m large and the machines room where were the pump and the winch system.

Mines Argent Argentiere 3

In medieval galeries we can see the ancient rooms dug thanks to the fire, where the miners advanced very slow, less than 5m per year !

Mines Argent Argentiere 3 Mines Argent Argentiere 3

The global tour is 2 hours long, with 1 hour inside of the mine.
However, it is good to plan 2.5-3 hours in order to visit the museum and watch the movie (20mn long)

Mines Argent Argentiere 3 Mines Argent Argentiere 14

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